Look out League of Legends. Valve’s Dota 2 is out of beta and ready for primetime. After spending nearly two years in beta testing, Dota 2 has officially launched on Steam and is now available for free download. The initial launch will be carried out in waves, so you may have a short wait for access.

Dota 2 is clearly meant to be a strong competitor to the Riot Games developed League of Legends, which is embeded deeply within the eSports community.Valve is making its own waves in eSports and has already established an International Dota 2 Championship taking place from August 7th-11th with a prize pool that currently sits at $2,511,507 as of this writing.

Players can also purchase a copy of the International Interactive Compendium to gain access to a virtual passport that keeps them up to date on the International and provides access to a number of useful features such as the option to predict match outcomes with friends, receive virtual item drops while watching matches through the new Steam and Twitch integration deal, and a chance to vote for 10 of your favorite players from any team to play a showmatch at the International. I guess in Baseball terms that would equate to an all-star game. Each purchase has the beneficial effect of alo raising the prize pool a bit more.

You can download Dota 2 on Steam and get in the launch queue now.

Source: Dota 2 Launch Announcement and FAQ

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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