SOE has announced lots of details for what's included in the first phase of their 3rd game update for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (due out next week). Check out some of the changes:

Guild Hall Trophies
The Guild Hall Trophy item can now be placed in a house or any Guild Headquarters. The buff from the Trophy will be shared by all guild members that are online.

The Guild Hall Trophy can only be picked up by the person who placed it.

Spam Filter to Combat Gold Spammers!
Ask, and you shall receive! It's been in the works for quite some time, but Game Update 3 unleashes the code that should help eliminate a lot of the spam you may receive in-game. The code works similarly to those featured in other SOE games, in that it automatically filters messages flagged as spam, and reports them to Customer Service.

Multiple Quest Lines added for Ksaravi Gulch!
The low to high teens adventuring area of Ksaravi Gulch in Qalia has been revamped. It now features new group and solo content, with many quest lines for either type of player as well as an enhanced storyline, additional items and the chance to fly into battle on an elite back wyvern mount.

Abundant Amenities!
All player housing areas should have a crafting center within one chunk's distance. You will find crafting trainers, vendors, taskmasters, and stations. In addition, a few select areas (including all of the islands) have had flying mount renters added.

Blood, Fungus, and Dust - Oh My!
Guildhall adventuring drops should now be much easier to obtain. Mnalus Fungus will now rarely drop off most mobs in Lair of the Mnalus. Mummy Dust will now rarely drop off most mobs in Nusibe. Fiend Blood will now rarely drop off most mobs in Rhaz Inkur.

Optimizations and Bug Fixes
-There have been over a dozen high-profile client crash fixes added.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016