Sigil and co-publisher Sony provide the chance to learn how their fantasy online world endeavor is coming along

RPG Vault has posted their report as well today on the media event recently held by Sigil and SOE.

Thestra may be the richest region in the world of Telon, with many of its grandest communities. Among them, some are New Targonor, a lively center of trade where Thestran humans hold sway, Leth Nurae, home of the High Elves, and Bordinar's Cleft, a redoubtable Dwarven stronghold snuggled deep within the central mountains. These are the three continents we'll be able to explore when Sigil Games Online's Vanguard: Saga of Heroes launches within the coming months, the current target being the first quarter of 2007. Leading up to this event, the title is currently in closed beta. Last Friday, the team and co-publisher Sony Online Entertainment invited some members of the press to San Diego to play a bit and to speak with several developers including the project's Co-Executive Producers, Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler. I accepted instantly, of course.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016