So You Want to be an MMO Developer? has posted the first of four developer diaries that will be written by Sigil Games Online's Nick Parkinson.

In the past four years, we have grown from a modest dozen initial employees to the current count of just over 100. Sigil is comprised of, 33 artists, 30 designers, 13 programmers, 13 customer support staff, 7 production staff, 3 community/marketing staff, 1 very, very angry and slightly off balance monkey, 3 administration staff and management (not to be confused with the monkey).

As you can see, it takes a big team to make an MMO and we'll have even more by the time we ship. Sigil employs a wide variety of people - young guys just starting out, old folks who have had a lot of experience, and even people over 30. When undertaking a project as massive in size as an MMO one of the challenges in managing a team this large is being able to actually find the right people.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016