If you have been holding out on giving Vanguard: Saga of Heroes a try because of the restrictions on free accounts we have some good news. SOE has relaxed a lot of the restrictions previously in place for free Vanguard players with today’s update. Free players can now play any race or class without restriction, are allowed to create guilds, own a house, and you’re no longer limited to 2 platinum in currency. Free players can also now join Caravans & Brotherhoods, have had quest limits increased to 50, are no longer burdened with broker and mail penalties, and now have all bag slots available.

Don’t worry, there are some new perks for those of you that are subscribing as well.

Gold Members:

  • 50% XP boost
  • Gain faction at double the normal rate
  • 20% discount on broker fees, mail fees, riftway fees, item repair, and housing upkeep
  • Can purchase 2 housing plots
  • In progress: Improved odds at receiving rare loot drops. (Coming in next week's update)
  • Your previous member benefits remain: more character slots, more bank slots, no item restrictions, 10% Marketplace discount, and 500 Station Cash per month.

You can learn more about the newly adjusted free and subscription models here. Patch notes for the update are available on the Vanguard forums.

Source: Vanguard Producer’s Letter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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