If you picked up any XP boosters for Vanguard from the Station Marketplace recently, I hope you saved them. Today’s patch makes a few tweaks to several Marketplace items. The 25%, 50% and 100% Bonus XP potions has had its duration increased by 8 hours and Adventure Packs for all three spheres have had their XP gains increased from 5% to 10%. A couple of other additions/removals were also made to the Marketplace.

Other changes include the removal of Veteran Lockboxes from city banks to pave the way for future banking changes, Sprint is now usable once every 3 minutes with Improved Sprint set at 1 minute, and a number of quest and item tweaks were also made.

Lastly, new content for the upcoming Festival of Gloriann event has been added to help set the stage for the holiday event.

Source: Vanguard Patch Notes


· The duration of the 25%, 50%, and 100% Bonus XP potions has been increased to 8 hours.

· Adventurer's Pack of Knowledge, Crafter's Satchel of Knowledge, and Diplomat's Pouch of Knowledge now provide 10% XP gain instead of 5%.

· New "Greater Knowledge" containers have been added to the Marketplace, each offering 20% XP boost in its designated sphere.

· Debt Removal Potions should no longer drop individually from Gloriann Lockboxes. There remains a chance for them to be given in addition to another reward.

· Keep an eye on the Marketplace window throughout the month of December for new mounts and items introduced to celebrate the holidays. Watch the Item of the Day window for great values on these new items, as well as some of our best sellers.


· Veteran's Lockboxes have been removed from city banks. We apologize for having them in game but non-functional for so long. The banking system will be revisited in a future update.


· Sprint is now usable every 3 minutes. The ability has no cost, and its duration is 45 seconds.

· Improved Sprint works the same as Sprint, but its duration is 60 seconds.

· Scroll of Bear's Strength II now correctly indicates a required level of 46.


· Araznik, Focus of Despair is now properly listed as a Focus item and is equippable by Healer and Caster archetypes.

· Ruby of Frenetic Potential now has proper stats.

· Ethereal Mana enhancements had their stats returned.

· Bloodmage Blue, Red, and Yellow Pellets now stack up to 100.

· The "No Display" versions of epics now cost 50 gold for one-handed and 1 platinum for two-handed.

· The cost of one-handed epics has been reduced from 5 Spirit Fused Soul Shards to 3. The price of two-handed epics remains unchanged.

· The stats on the Jharru Blade of Sacrifice have been restored, and its name is now spelled correctly.

· Disciples can now acquire a one-handed version of their epic.

· Monks can now acquire a two-handed version of their epic.

· Mounts that drop from deity lockboxes should now be sellable to merchants for coin, and should no longer be flagged as Unique.

· Lharand's Gem of Ages Past no longer requires energy to use.

· Fixed a typo on the Jagged Shard of Battle.

· Soft Acorns now correctly state that they have a 5 second cooldown on use.


· Faction rewards for KDQ have been increased, and quests can be repeated without any time restrictions.

· Pantheon daily quests now reward 25 Tranquil Spirit Slivers instead of 5.

· Enemies now have a greater chance to drop Slivers.

· The Ini-herat Blessing price has been lowered to 1 platinum.

Festival of Gloriann

· The Festival of Gloriann begins December 15! A number of locations in Telon have been decorated in celebratory fashion.

· Avatars of Gloriann have appeared in Tanvu, New Targonor, and Khal. Go visit the avatars in all their… uh, glory!

· Shards of Gloriann now drop in the world when hunting enemies. The avatars will accept these shards and offer festive items in return.

· Pilgrims have made their way to the locations where the Avatars of Gloriann have appeared to participate in festival activities. Speaking with these pilgrims can offer insight into the lore of the festival.

· Finch and Ghalnn are envious of Gloriann’s Festival and are looking to stir up trouble. They’ve created three monstrosities (with varying levels of difficulty) and set them loose on the good people of Telon. It’s up to adventurers to slay them and recover the stolen presents.

o Jeric Frost (Thestra)

o Busta Rimes (Qalia)

o Frostbite (Kojan)

· Happy Holidays from the Vanguard team!

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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