Update: as I stated, I would update this article with EU megaserver info, which has been added in!

Today Carbine has announced that they're opening up a vote to the community to name both the PvE and the PvP megaservers for the North American region. Voting is open from now until 9:30a PT on Wednesday, September 24. There is currently no word on when European players can vote on their megaservers, or even if they will get to vote, as well. I cannot find any word on EU megaservers currently, but will hopefully be able to update this article later with more information.

Since I am apparently and completely blind in my North American slant, I failed to see that there was, in fact, a poll up for the EU megaserver names. Thanks to Carbine and our own Lewis for their diligence in making sure this article gets updated with the full information! The EU poll has its very own separate thread. For EU megaserver names, we have the following choices. For PvE, the name choices are Bronos, Gnox, Dominus, Matria, and Jabbit. For PvP, Vorios, Zax, Luminai, Serrick, and Tristan. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really into Jabbit.

Right now, players can choose from five names for both PvP and PvE, to name the NA megaservers. Players must vote for each server type in order to make the vote count. Players are experiencing issues voting, though, since the thread went live before the poll was opened up to voting, and now some are dealing with caching issues that will say they do not have permissions to vote. Since the forums are on several different servers, clearing cache isn't going smoothly. If you are having issues, it's recommended that you clear your browser's cache and try relogging into the forums.

The names for NA megaservers, in order of appearance, are: Seraphel, Entity, Darkwitch, Vitara, and Skurge for PvE; Ravok, Stonebreaker, Warhound, Aziron, and Deadeye for PvP. Judging reactions, the community is looking pretty underwhelmed in regards to the name selection, not to mention frustrated at what they're saying is poor judgment on their fellow members' behalf for choosing the worst names in the bunch. If you're unhappy with what you're seeing as the potential name for your megaserver, be sure to log in and vote now before it's too late!

Carbine says that they're ready to begin the transition from the current multiple servers to the megaservers they proposed. If you need to be caught up on what megaservers are and why Carbine's switching to them, have a look at an earlier article I wrote discussing them. There still is not a release date available for megaservers, but Carbine says that they're close, so hopefully we'll hear about that soon enough. Megaservers will be a great thing for the community, and is something MMO companies should investigate as a solution before they launch. Carbine planned for megaservers from the start, from what they have said, but for one reason or another, they launched WildStar with regular servers. My favorite thing about megaservers is that you do not segregate the community by splitting them across multiple servers. I want to check out the FFXIV trial, but I can't decide which friend's server to start on!

Chua is hella excite for megaservers

Hopefully we'll hear about the EU megaservers soon, since they will also be moving to one PvP and one PvE megaserver like the NA servers. I wonder what names they'll get to pick from and whether or not they'll make the community a bit more enthusiastic about selecting names.Please see the above, as the article has been updated to reflect the addition of information regarding EU megaserver name choices.

What do you think of the megaserver names? Which names are you choosing? If you had a choice, what would you want to name your WildStar megaserver? Are you as excited about megaservers as I am?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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