Those of you who play probably know what this is all about.

Voyage Century Online just launched its Phase 3 Skill Manual.

To obtain the Phase 3 Skill Manual: you can either beat the boss on Hurricane Island, or dig for treasure to make an exchange for it. (The boss will drop the Phase 3 Skill Manual from 22nd Jan onwards)

To obtain the crafting items: Blood Stone, Fire Stone, Amethyst Stone, Holy Spirit Stone, Flame Stone, Windstorm Stone and Huge Power Stone can all be obtained from the monsters in the Hurricane Instance, or you can buy them from the Municipal Ministers in Oslo, Cape Town, etc…but your guild should occupy the city first.

Pure Steel, Refined Steel, Steel Plate, Pure Steel plate, Handle, Comfortable Handle, Steel Thread, and Refined Steel Thread can be bought from the Municipal Ministers in each city, but your guild should occupy the city first. (Open to players now)

Players can obtain more Item Mall items in game in the future.

From the Siege version to the Hurricane Island version, some improvements have been made to the game. Some Item Mall Items can now be obtained in game such as the Phase 3 Skill Manual.

Read more about it at the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016