Warhammer Online is getting ready to launch today for the Collector's Edition Head Start, and Mythic Entertainment has published the list of the servers that will be ready for customers. A few more have been added to the first list that was published late last week, in order to accomodate the massive amounts of expected players.

North American CE Head Start

Red Eye Mountain Core
Skull Throne Core
Badlands Core
Sylvania Core
Volkmar Core
Averheim (New) Core
Azazel (New) Core
Ulthuan (New) Core
Hochland Open RvR
Wolfenburg Open RvR
Dark Crag Open RvR
Bechafen (New) Open RvR
Phoenix Throne Roleplay
Ostermark (New) Roleplay
Chaos Wastes RP/Open RvR

To help plan your day better here are an additional 6 servers that we will begin opening after the 15 above. After the above list the names and rulesets of new servers will be based off of player needs but we have many more ready to open if we need them!

Vortex Core
Ungrim Core
Drachenfels Open RvR
Eerie Downs Open RvR
Tor Elyr Roleplay
Kazador RP/Open RvR

We'll see you tomorrow...WAAAGH!!!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016