The dark places inside the Warhammer Online cities have gotten a little brighter. Mythic Entertainment is working on improvements to the Dungeons inside the two cities. Basically, it looks like all your hard work will net you even more loot.

City Dungeons - Bilerot Burrow, Bloodwought Enclave, Sigmar’s Crypts, Warpblade Tunnels


* As a result of this review and reitemization process, groups who complete the improved dungeons will now end up with more loot than ever before!

* New, unique Rare and Very Rare items have been introduced into all of the city dungeons!

* Dungeon drop rates have been adjusted to better spread loot throughout the entire dungeon, moving some of the focus off the main bosses and allowing players who don’t complete the dungeon to have a chance at better drops

* General monsters will drop significantly more loot then they did previously

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016