Warhammer Online Executive Producer continues his address to the community with the 2nd part of his letter. In this part, Jeff talks about the smallers updates that are included in patch 1.3 and what these things mean for players.

I’m also happy to announce that 1.3 introduces the Lifeline feature. You will no longer be forced to restart a dungeon if a group member is momentarily disconnected. Now, briefly disconnected players will login where they left off in any active instance or scenario. Life happens - but we wanted to make it easier for you to get back in the action when it does!

While we're talking about dungeons, we know lockout timers are often a topic of discussion and concern. After listening to player feedback, we decided to make it easier to continue on your dungeon adventures even when you lose a member of your party. You are now able to invite players who do not have a lockout timer to your party and pick up where you left off - giving you less downtime and more time for fun!

That's not the only thing we've done to dungeons. Mount Gunbad has been overhauled and - starting at level 19 - players (with as few as 3 friends) can begin their adventures into its cavernous grottos and murky depths! In addition to many bug fixes, we have implemented respawn checkpoints. These allow you to recover from a fight that doesn’t go your way without need to restart your expedition from the top. Gunbad now offers a challenging and rewarding option with substantially increased experience and faster access to its many rewards!

There is a whole lot more so head on over to the official Warhammer site to read more!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016