After yesterday's massive patch notes for Warhammer Online's Game Update 1.0.6, Mythic Entertainment realized they forgot to add a few items. A lot of work has gone in to improving the cast bar and spell responsiveness, although for a short while you may see visual bugs in certain areas. The Collector's Edition exclusive head models should now be showing up in the Black Guard and Knight mailboxes. Several careers had a few more changes, including two Dwarf classes.

* Hammers and Great Hammers

o Ironbreakers have gained the ability to use Hammers (one hand) & Great Hammers (two hand)
o Some (but not all) Influence Rewards, Quests, etc. have had hammers added to their possible rewards.
o Some (but not all) Dwarf Hammers are Engineer-only. These are Spanner-type items as well as hammers that have Engineer-specific bonuses and stats.
o Dwarfs are not able to use Empire hammers, similar to how Elves cannot use Empire swords.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016