The free character transfers that were announced by Mythic Entertainment's Mark Jacobs are just about ready to hit the Warhammer Online servers. In advance of transfers being enabled, the eligible servers have been named. Check the link below to see the full server listing.

Players on select servers will be able to transfer their characters via the Mythic Account Center. When the service is enabled in the coming days, players will see a Character Transfer button below "Activate a Key" and "Validate your Email Address."

Full details on Character Transfers can be found within this section, and we encourage you to read all of the information very carefully before you make a decision about your transfer, because it is very important. Once you have read the instructions and prepared your character in-game, simply follow the steps to select the character you wish to transfer and your desired destination server.

We are also pleased to announce the Guild Transfer functionality. Instructions on the functionality of this feature and its limitations can also be found on the Character Transfer page. It is strongly recommended you read these instructions closely before proceeding, because they contain very important information. We encourage guild leaders to take their time when preparing to transfer their guild as it cannot be reversed

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016