Early this Friday morning, Mythic Entertainment took the Warhammer Online servers down for a brief update. Kudos to Mythic for a quick downtime; they predicted 4 hours, but only took 1.5 hours to add a queue adjustment, make some scenario changes and adjust the guild tavern permissions.

- Queues bypass system: Player's position in the queues will now be saved when disconnected for a short period of time.
- Guild Tavern: All players in a guild will now have access to the guild tavern at the appropriate guild rank level.
- Tactic Trainer’s: All tactic trainers in the main city libraries have been temporarily turned off, while we investigate an issue involving them. They will return as soon as this issue is resolved, we apologize for the inconvenience.
- Troll Country: Players will no longer get the T3 scenario queue window when attempting to zone into the scenario cave in Troll Country
- Open-RvR Servers: Players will no longer receive the "bolster" buff while in Kadrin Valley
- As always we're working to improve performance and stability across the board!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016