Mythic Entertainment took the Warhammer Online servers down today, to add a few more adjustments to the ORvR experience. The changes today should make the massive battles a little easier on your computer.

We've been hard at work finding ways to enhance your experience in Open RvR. Patch 1.1 has a lot of great changes in the works; to compliment them we're introducing several changes that we hope will reduce the amount of crashing experienced during massive assaults. This is our first step to improve your performance during large scale battles and make Open RvR and Fortress raids even more exciting!

At 12:30PM EST all servers will be brought down for this update. We expect them to be back online by 4:00PM EST.

Dark Crag was the first to experience this change as the forces of Order and Destruction clashed in a mighty battle of over four hundred players during prime-time last night! We're excited to bring these changes to everyone today and look forward to seeing your feedback. Please let us know what you think!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016