Warhammer Online's next live event hits live servers later this month and players have a lot of questions about it. This Grab Bag edition tackles some of those questions and shares a lot of great details about "The Wild Hunt" event, it's zones and rewards!

Q. At what level of difficulty (Blood/Bile, Lost Vale, Tomb of the Vulture, ect.) will The Hunter’s Vale dungeon be comparable to?

A. The Hunter’s Vale dungeon isn’t warded, so the closest comparison will be the Bastion Stair. The difficulty of this dungeon is more weighted toward figuring out how the encounter works rather than how hard the monsters hit. You don’t need to have the perfect group make-up. (Fun fact—when we ran through The Hunter's Vale during core testing, we completed the dungeon with a group that had three healers in it.) The Hunter’s Vale is meant to be a quick, but fun and engrossing experience that all players of all Ranks and skill levels can enjoy.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016