Mythic Entertainment has uploaded a new Warhammer Online game client. The change should help the performance of the large scale RvR events, where too many players in the field caused slowdowns and some crashes. It doesn't sound like the update will do much to prevent me from getting lost in Praag (silly alleys and overhead walk ways).

Last week we reaffirmed our ongoing commitment to improving overall client performance in Tier 4 and large-scale RvR battles. Today, we’re excited to announce that we have released a new client update that will significantly increase players’ frame rate in RvR battles (especially in large-scale encounters) as well reduce and/or eliminate character “ghosting” and flickering. You will automatically receive this update the next time you log in to WAR. As always, this is not the last improvement we plan on making but it certainly is a major and needed improvement to WAR. We’re eager to hear your feedback on this client update, so please be sure to visit your favorite fan site and let us know how it’s worked for you!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016