Mythic Entertainment pushed out an evening patch to the Warhammer Online servers on Thursday. Several issues that resulted from Patch 1.1 were addressed, along with a few changes to RvR rules.

The focal point of our new Open RvR Influence system is mortal combat between players of enemy realms. In order to ensure that player-versus-player battles provide the best source of Influence in the Open RvR areas, we have adjusted the amount of Influence associated with capturing Battlefield Objectives, Keeps, and Fortresses. We have only adjusted the values for offense, i.e. capturing an Objective. The values for defending an Objective will remain, in order to encourage players to reap the benefits of defending their realm’s Objectives. These changes bring the amount of Influence earned for these actions in line with the rest of the Open RvR Influence system.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016