Like there isn't enough going on tomorrow, sheesh!

Tomorrow we have Lord of the Rings Online's expansion The Mines of Moria, and then we also have Everquest 2's expansion The Shadow Odyssey being released. Not to be outdone, Warhammer Online will roll out the Heavy Metal live event as a prelude to the arrival of two new tanking classes:

As part of the Heavy Metal live event, players will also have special access to Reikland Factory, a new, instanced Scenario taking place on the grounds of an Empire steam tank factory. This Scenario is available to all players and all ranks, but will only be open for battle during the live event. Soldiers are encouraged to secure the Reikland Factory for their Realm, and continue the fight across the many other battlefields of WAR during Heavy Metal.

For more information, go to the Heavy Metal press release.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016