A new game like Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online always has room for improvement, and many of these fixes come in the form of server hotfixes. The latest hotfix was pushed to the servers Monday evening. The focus is on the Destruction Realm, with class improvements, quest changes and a Scenario alteration.


* The Final March: The "Gharvin's Brace Badge" will now correctly step this quest.
* Blood for the Blood God: This quest now correctly states that players must kill Jinnivul Blisswhisper.
* Cronrel Grimstar will no longer spawn faster than intended.

Lost Vale

* Sarthain the World Bearer: Nature’s Wrath will no longer persist on players after death.
* The Ethereal Sprites will now correctly attack players that do not have the "Worldbearer Branch."
* It is no longer possible to remove the "Whitefire Web Bolt" debuff without the Torch of Lileath.
* The door to the Keeper of Secrets room will now open after she is defeated.
* The Darkpromise Beast's "Infectious Poison" will now correctly affect one player at a time.

Combat & Careers


* Discordant Turbulance: This ability will now correctly debuff enemies.

Disciple of Khaine

* Convenant of Clerity: This ability will now correctly appear as a debuff on enemy players.


* Triumphant Blasting: This ability will now correctly grant knock-back immunity to enemy players.


* Vanguard Spanner: This item now appears correctly as a wrench.

Realm vs. Realm

* Phoenix Gate Scenario: Resolved an issue in which players could sometimes reach the Destruction Spawn location.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016