Mythic Entertainment pushed more hotfixes to the Warhammer Online servers Monday. The city defense system was changed to allow more players to participate. A very annoying audio bug was fixed as well, making this player especially happy.

Capital Cities

* With the recent patch, the level ranges for the contested capital city scenarios were erroneously set to only accept rank 37-40 players. This range has been restored to its original setting of ranks 30-40.

Combat and Careers


* We fixed a bug that could sometimes cause the Engineer's turret to endlessly loop the sound and animation for its “Machine Gun” ability.


* Having the "Widespread Demolition" tactic slotted will no longer cause the "Demolition" ability to fire twice when used.


* The monster Viraxil the Broken in the Sacellum dungeon of the Inevitable City will now only drop loot items for valid classes.

* Some monsters in the Capital City high-level dungeons (Warpblade Tunnels, Bilerot Burrow, Sigmar's Crypts and Bloodwrought Enclave) were erroneously dropping Sentinel armor set pieces. We have fixed this issue.

* The Lair of Lady Alisha should now reset properly.

* Players are now required to have sufficient empty backpack slots to hold items that they are crafting.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016