Mythic Entertainment welcomed Warhammer Online players to the new week with a late Monday patch. An adjustment was made to the Capital City Public Quest contribution, 6 classes had some minor updates, along with a few other minor changes. In addition, there were some update to RvR combat.

# Garrison of Skulls: Some adjustments have been made to this Keep in Praag to ensure that players can only enter the keep in the intended manner.
# Kazad Dammaz: Some test NPCs were erroneously placed in this Kadrin Valley Keep. These have been replaced with the proper NPCs.
# Stonetroll Crossing: Fixed an issue that could, in some cases, cause Order players in this Scenario to respawn in an incorrect location after dying.
# The Grovod Cavern: This Scenario now requires that the two realms have balanced forces in order to start up.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016