In addition to the Warhammer Online mail system fixes that were announced yesterday, a large number of hotfixes were added to the servers. Several quest fixes were implemented, to the cheers of players everywhere.


* Battle of Bitterstone: Killing Greenskin NPC's in stage 1 of this public quest will now properly award players with influence.
* Neversong Caravan Defenders: Fixed an issue that was causing the kill counter in this public quest not to increment properly when the guards are killed.
* An Ounce of Prevention: Fixed an issue with this quest which was sometimes allowing players to step the quest repeatedly from the same monster.
* Finding the Fight: The Gor Captain will now spawn properly when players on the final step of this quest use the Gor Horn item.
* Bolstering Our Army: Fixed an issue with this quest which was preventing Imronel Greenwood from speaking to players.


* War Calling Casque Helmet: Fixed an issue which was causing this item to display multiple careers in its career requirements list.


* Fortress zones will now correctly flag players for RvR.
* Fixed an issue with the Covenant of Flame keep which was sometimes causing guards of the wrong realm to spawn.
* The Oathbearer Warbringers will now reward players for finishing the repeatable Doomfist Crater quests. Additionally, they will now offer these quests to players who are at least rank 18.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016