Mythic has released a new hot fix for their newest game, Warhammer Onine. Included in this patch is a bunch of quest fixes, and an fix to one of the tier 2 scenarios.


It's been another busy day here at Mythic! In addition to the implementation of Cross Pairing Queues below is a list of today's Hot Fixes.

Enjoy and have fun!

Capital Cities

- The Mastiff's End Brawler in Altdorf will no longer start bar fights and kill the other patrons at the Mastiff's End Tavern.

Combat and Careers

- The tactic 'Golden Aura' will now only affect valid enemy targets.


- Fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing the 'Fireforge's Trail' quest.
- In the 'Honorable Deceit' quest, players will now receive the appropriate 'Karond Wine' to drink. This may require re-accepting the quest to obtain the correct item.
- Fixed an issue in the 'Inevitable Power' quest that was preventing players from interacting with the statue.
- Fixed an issue with the quest 'On the Brink of Chaos' that was preventing players from reading Lord Grauenberg's missive.
- Players can now turn in the 'Caledor in Flames' quest to Kuvith Darkshadow.
- The monster Suntear in Chrace is now friendly to Order-realm players
- The monster Toof Maw in Gunbad has been adjusted to a more appropriate level for his surroundings
- The quest 'Spotting Trouble' will now correctly advance when the player kills Warprot Stormvermin
- The Uthorin Felshade will now attack all enemies, and not just melee ones

Realm vs. Realm

- The Stonetroll Pacifier in the Stonetroll Crossing scenario will now reset before players can obtain it again.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016