You know what makes your favorite game just a little bit better? Playing that game with your friends! With Warhammer Online's Recruit-a-friend program, everyone wins when you get your friends to play. The game gets good word of mouth, your friends get one of the most popular titles on the market to play, and you get some dang cool rewards!

Whether you defend your honor and homelands for the forces of order, or look to loot, plunder, and destroy for the hordes of Destruction nothing compares to the awe of a fierce warrior atop a ravaging Manticore or a noble Griffon.

Your kings offer great rewards to those who grow and build the armies of reckoning, and now those who bring six companions into the fold are rewarded with rare mounts from their sovereign stables!

* The Chaos Magus will receive a special new disk from the Changer of the Ways for his recruiting efforts.

Participate in the Recruit-a-Friend program and you can earn a Manticore or Griffon for yourself, and while their wings have been clipped they will strike fear into the heart of your enemies as you lead the front lines to battle!

Find out how to get in on this program and start earning your rewards by visiting the WAR Recruit-a-friend program page!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016