Mythic Entertainment's highly anticipated patch to Warhammer Online is here. Patch 1.0.6 is full of class changes to help bring forth the two new careers - Black Guards and Knights of the Blazing Sun. Here's a hint of the patch notes.

* New Careers Released! - With this version we are happy to announce the release of the Empire’s Knight of the Blazing Sun, and the Dark Elf’s Black Guard! These new careers are available early for players who have successfully completed the Heavy Metal Event!

* Mastery Point Refunds – Due to a number of significant changes to many of our careers, we are providing a full Mastery Point refund to certain careers. Players who belong to one of the careers below will need to speak with a Trainer to retrain their Career Mastery:
o Bright Wizard
o Chosen
o Engineer
o Ironbreaker
o Magus
o Shadow Warrior
o Sorcerer
o Squig Herder
o Swordmaster

* Morale Responsiveness - Morale abilities will now be much more responsive. These abilities will now fire immediately when activated by the player on the first attempt, and will display their cooldowns correctly at all times.

* Root Responsiveness - We have made a number of adjustments to root spells to ensure that they break properly and feel more responsive to players. Changes include a chance to break on ANY damage including DoT damage, as well as a 5 second immunity to being rooted again after the current root effect breaks.

* Auto-Attack Animations - Improvements have been made to auto-attack animations. Players will now see smoother, more consistent weapon swaps when players change from ranged to melee auto-attacks, and vice versa.

* Ability Activation Responsiveness - The responsiveness of ability activations has been improved. Players will now see less of a delay between the activation of an ability and the corresponding animation.

* Guild Promotion/Demotion - Fixes have been made to issues which were causing guild promotion and demotion to not work properly.

The full patch notes are much too long to post here. For the complete list, please visit the Warhammer Online official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016