Mythic has another big patch for Warhammer Online, this time they not only add fun new content with The Wild Hunt Live Event, but also address several problematic existing areas of gameplay. What managed to work its way into this content update?

The day of invasion is at hand! Capital city invasions are more exciting than ever, with a simplified and accessible new flow of invasion states, interface improvements, Public Quest upgrades, and more! See the 1.3.1 patch notes for full details on these changes.

All Keeps have been expanded! There are now two ramps up to the Lord room for attackers and defenders alike to watch and utilize for flank attacks on their enemies.

Player-crafted Summoning Stones allow groups to rapidly assemble for battle even when the party members are spread out over long distances. See the 1.3.1 patch notes for additional details on this valuable new tool in your arsenal.

And much, much more including a healthy dose of career bug fixes, item and crafting improvements, and even more UI updates.

You can catch the highlights of this major update by visiting the official website.

Is this the magic combination for WAR? Content fixes and new content additions seem like a winning match. Let us know what you think by clicking the "Post your comments" link below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016