At just over 7 weeks after the release of Warhammer Online, Mythic Entertainment is ready to open a Public Test Server for all players. Patch 1.0.5 is coming with sweeping changes to class set up and much more, and Mythic wants you to help test and provide feedback, before the changes make it to Live.

All currently subscribed players will have the opportunity to experience and test everything that 1.0.5 has to offer, and most importantly provide us with their feedback and bug reports to make patch day even smoother when 1.0.5 arrives on live servers.

In order to make testing even easier and better, and so that you can see how the changes impact you directly, all players will be able to copy their existing characters on the Live Servers to the Public Test Server.

This game update is the biggest yet, and is the first time we've made significant changes to careers. We've listened to your feedback and can't wait for you to see the changes we've made. This is just the first step as we get ready for the upcoming Patch 1.1.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016