Mark Jacobs is one busy guy.

Between interviews and developing a Triple A MMO title in Warhammer Online, Mark Jacobs has time to pen a response to the troubles the preview weekend held for WAR. In his response, he addresses the crash to desktop issue, the pathing issue and even the blurring issue (I'd blame the ale). It is refreshing to have some frank answers to some pretty tough questions, and with that Mark starts:

"Okay, it was a wild and crazy weekend in WAR and while some of you might be tempted to go all Samurai on us for a couple of the bugs, overall things went very, very well. As long-time readers of my notes now, I won’t do a Nick Winters and we are anything but pathological liars so we’ll always own up when we make a mistake and we made a couple here. So, let’s talk amongst ourselves and have a little chat about the top nine list of the biggest issues and where we stand in regards to them."

Read the rest of the his response at Warhammer Alliance, then head over to Ten Ton Hammer's Exclusive blog from PAX by Mythic's Jeff Hickman.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016