Warhammer Online kicks off the Rise of the Tomb Kings event with the introduction of patch 1.3 to live servers. Players will get to experience a brand new land and plenty of great updates. Below are some of the highlights and you can click here to get the full patch notes.

The war moves into exotic lands! With the introduction of the amazing new Land of the Dead high-level RvR dungeon, the Tomb Kings join the Age of Reckoning. Challenging new encounters, new action-oriented gameplay, and the chance to invade enemy player instances, are all waiting in the desert sands. Unearth fabulous new treasure, including a new armor set for every career!

The Ward system has been revamped to give players the power to take on the toughest enemies in the game without the requirement of wearing specific armor pieces for their wards. This system replaces the previous Ward system, and enhances the Old World Armory section of the Tome of Knowledge.

Now you can share the wealth with your friends and realm-mates! Opt out of loot rolls in Public Quests (including those in Keeps and Fortresses) to ensure that everyone gets their share of the treasure. After all, the better your realm is equipped, the better you'll fare in the contest to secure control of the Land of the Dead!

As all eyes turn to the blazing desert lands in the south, the realms draw up their plans to take advantage of the diversion and claim victory on the field of battle. Collect Ordnance to purchase new enhanced siege engines, secure your Keep's inner door with the new "Deadbolt" upgrade, and experience numerous improvements to many of the game's Scenarios.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016