Oodles of class ability changes fill the latest Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online Test Server Patch. The infamous Bright Wizard had a slight reduction in potential damage, the Ironbreaker Oath Friend went through another re-write, and a Sorceress debuff was re-tooled. Several general changes can be found as well.

Healer Archetype

* Restorative Burst: The tooltip for this tactic will now correctly state the number of Action Points gained when triggered.

Tank Archetype

* Champion's Challenge: Neither the player nor the player’s enemy may be knocked back while this Morale ability is in effect.

* Juggernaut: This ability will only fire when the player is rooted, snared, silenced, or disarmed.

* Raze: This channeled ability will no longer be interrupted while on the move.

Dwarf Racial Tactics

* Stoutness of Stone: This tactic will once again reduce the effectiveness of Stuns and Knockdowns.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016