It's the return of the invite-only beta, for players of Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online. The Public Test Server is being shut down, and will reopen only to those that receive a super secret invite in their email. Apparently the two new classes need to be tested, but remain secretive for another few weeks.

With 1.0.5 going live today Deathsword is being brought down in preparation for 1.0.6. From all of us thank you to those that contributed their time and energy to provide feedback and bug reports, your efforts have helped to make a better game!

We'll be inviting those that participated in testing 1.0.5 to a Limited Public Test of 1.0.6. Those invited will help us whip the Knight of The Blazing Sun and Blackguard into shape and provide us with critical feedback on the recent changes to all of the careers already in game.

We'll be sending out invitations in the next few days to the email address associated with your Master Account, so stay tuned!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016