Thursday afternoon saw the addition of a hotfix for Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online. Some of the city siege encounters were tweaked, several quest lines were fixed, and points in 2 scenarios were adjusted.

High-Level Encounter Adjustments

* As part of our ongoing effort to ensure that the high-level encounters and boss battles in WAR provide a truly epic and challenging experience, we have made some adjustments to the following encounters:

o The bosses (and their bodyguards) that spawn at the end of the “Altdorf” and “The Inevitable City” contested city public quests have been adjusted to provide a more appropriate level of difficulty for a group of high-level players. Players who wish to confront these powerful adversaries are advised to wear as many pieces of armor as possible from the Sentinel and Conqueror sets.
o All NPCs in the captured capital city public quests “The Grand Theogonist” and “The Monolith” have been similarly adjusted to bring them in line with the other captured city public quests. Players who wish to tackle these extremely challenging public quests are advised to wear as many pieces of armor as possible from the Invader and Darkpromise sets.

* We will continue to evaluate your feedback on our high-level content and make additional changes to improve the quality of our high-level gameplay. Our goal is to ensure that the most difficult encounters offer both the greatest dangers and the greatest rewards that WAR has to offer!

Capital Cities

* Fixed an issue that could, in some rare cases, cause the "black market" NPCs not to spawn when Altdorf is in a contested or captured state.

* Loot bags that drop in the contested capital city public quest "Altdorf" will no longer offer reward items for careers different from that of the player who opens the loot bag.


* Fixed an issue that was causing a particular group of Bloody Sun Wolves to respawn too rapidly.

* Fixed several small issues with the "Battle of Bitterstone" public quest in order to ensure that players will now receive kill credit and influence at the right times.

* The Bastion Stair dungeon public quests "Rise of Carnage" and "Bloodherd Labyrinth" will now properly spawn loot chests when completed.

* Fixed an issue with the "Power Hungry" quest that could allow too many of the Scale of Immerial lizards to be spawned simultaneously.


* The Spanner of the Disciplined will now have the proper appearance.

Realm vs Realm

* Standard bearers will no longer be able to deploy more than one standard at a time.

* Fixed an issue with the guards at the Covenant of Flame keep that was causing them to respawn too quickly.

* The following Scenario gameplay adjustments have been made:

o Temple of Isha: Holding Isha’s Will now generates 1 point every three seconds for the holding player’s team
o Doomfist Crater: Holding Doomfist Ore will now generate 1 point every 5 seconds per Ore held, for the holding player’s team.

Combat and Careers


* Daemonic Infestation: Will once again detonate when enemies are nearby.


* Land Mine: Will once again detonate when enemies are nearby.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016