It's Tuesday, and once again Mythic Entertainment has a round of hotfixes, piping hot and served fresh to the Warhammer Online servers. Quest adjustments are the primary focus here, along with the addition of the gloves for the T4 Annihilator armor set.


* The Call of Eternity: Adjusted the offer level of this High Elf epic quest so that it will be offered to players of the appropriate rank.
* Rat Men?: The "Investigate Sewers" condition for this quest will now complete properly when players enter the appropriate area.
* Thrill of Power: Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to become stuck midway through this quest when Draethir the Falcon was slain by a different player.
* Seeking Chaos: An issue was discovered with this quest that will require additional time to correct. We have temporarily disabled this quest while the issue is resovled, at which time the quest will once again be offered.
* Anguish in Annulii: This quest will now grant credit for killing Mountain Maulers.
* Enemies Abound: Suspicious Characters in the Grey Lady Inn will now step the condition for this quest only a single time per NPC.
* Destruction of Beauty: The waypoints in this quest now appear in the correct locations and list the correct quest finisher.
* The Shrieking Meadow: Fixed an issue that could cause this High Elf public quest to get stuck and not advance after Beastmaster Kohdread is slain.
* Stormriver's End: Players will now have more time to be able to complete the final stage of this High Elf public quest.
* Echoes of War: Ritual Combatants in this public quest will no longer attempt to engage in combat while running away after stage 2.
* When attacked, the NPC Faran Valrinson will now taunt the player appropriately and attack regardless of distance.
* The wandering quest NPC Grulnok Dirtnog is no longer attackable and will no longer attack Order players.


* Gloves for the Order version of the Annihilator armor set are now available for purchase from renown merchants in Tier 4.
* Fixed an Apothecary crafting item that had an erroneous sell price set on it.


* Needle of Ellyrion: Killing the Uthorin Castigator at this battlefield objective will no longer cause the other Uthorin NPC's to despawn prematurely.

Client Update

* We have made changes to the client that may improve stability for some players. As always, we welcome feedback from the players on how these changes have affected client stability.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016