Mythic Entertainment came through yesterday with another round of quality hotfixes for the Warhammer Online servers. Squig Herders had an ability fix, the Lost Vale was re-opened after a lengthy renovation, along with many more quest fixes and changes.

General Changes and Bug Fixes

* Players will once again respawn in High Elf Chapter 17 after dying in the Isle of the Dead.

Combat and Careers

Squig Herder

* Poisoned Spines: This ability will now fire properly.


* Following another round of encounter polish and improvements, we have re-opened the Lost Vale dungeon. Players can now once again confront the perils of this challenging high-level dungeon.
* Destruction of Beauty: Fixed several waypoints in this quest that were displaying in the wrong locations on the map.
* Eternal Might: Fixed an erroneous waypoint in this quest.
* Desperate Gambit: The Black Ice Chests will now be interactable, allowing players to complete the quest.
* Unholy Bond: The Blacktalon Bestigors in West Praag will now spawn more frequently, making this quest easier to complete.
* Riding to War: Players who destroy the Dragonwake Caller quest item can now return to Cirfandan Whiteflame to get another one.
* Shorn Horns: Adjusted the quest conditions so that the quest can now be completed
* Out of Favor: Acolytes will once again spawn in Pilgrim's Mount, allowing players to complete the quest.
* The Chink in Their Armor: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from being offered this quest again after they had abandoned it.
* Torn Asunder: Revised part of this quest to make the instructions more clear and to address an issue that was sometimes not issuing credit properly for one of the steps.
* Dance of Bones: Adjusted the respawn times on monsters in this Public Quest in order to ensure that the quest requiring players to enter this area can be completed by a solo player.
* Reik River Bandits: Fixed an issue that was causing the "Heavy Lifting" debuff to persist improperly on players.
* Griffon Gate: Griffon Defenders in this public quest will now respond to attacks on their Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers.
* Barbarous Foragers will now attack players when engaged with ranged abilities.

Capital Cities

* Adjusted the encounters in the captured version of the Altdorf Royal Palace to correct some abilities that had been set improperly, and to bring the difficulty of these encounters more in line with the intended level of challenge

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016