As one Warhammer game marches to its demise, another one heads into development to take its place. Today Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade’s Creative Director David Ghozland dispatched the latest newsletter for the game to tease some of the early work on the game’s outpost capture mechanic, which the team has been regularly taking part in as they continue to work on the first playable prototype.

“We regularly capture our prototype outpost- and Aquila Strongpoint- from the Black Legion or defend it against the Dark Angels” Ghozland wrote in the newsletter. “The capture mechanic is critical, and this early prototype is giving us some good ideas of how the massive warfare is going to play out.”

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While Eternal Crusade is still in early pre-alpha development, Ghozland did indicate that we may see a video of the early gameplay build later this month.

“Well, as Miguel promised a couple of months ago, we should be able to release a gameplay video during November. Even if the team is a little resistant to release something so early (you know designers are protective with their work until it is “Done”) Miguel is pushing us to share even pre-alpha prototypes with our active community.”

The rest of the newsletter shared some stories from Bohemia Interactive’s visit to Games Workshop for Gamesday along with a few photos and a new concept art addition on the Eternal Crusade website.

Source: Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade Newsletter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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