If you absolutely need a Warhammer fix, try the old fashioned remedy.

Back before video games and even television, there were these bound volumes of text called books. And when the power goes out I find myself going back to them. In this dark time before Warhammer Online launches (for those not in the beta), you can still get your fill of Warhammer by reading the newly released "Empire in Chaos" by Anthony Reynolds and published by The Black Library. This book is set in Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning universe so it sill be infused with information surrounding the new title. Background on the book includes:

"In the Empire, mutants and brigands run riot, and a ghastly plague breaks out. Is this illness a natural occurrence, or does it herald a far greater evil? As the apocalypse draws ever closer, can our heroes rally the defenders of the Empire to face the most terrible of all enemies – the hordes of Chaos?"

Currently available in the UK, maybe we can get a smuggler to get some in for us in North America. For more information and ordering options, go to The Black Library. If you're looking for more game specific reading though, check out the recently updated Ten Ton Hammer Warhammer Class Guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016