Since they can't get around to all of us one on one, here is a group hug.

Xfire will be hosting a Warhammer Online developer chat with a few of the key players in the Mythic team including Josh Drescher, Dan Enwright, and Adam Gershowitz. The chat is scheduled for Friday, October 3rd (tomorrow) at 4:00PM EDT.

Head over to the XFire Sign Up page for a chance at a slot to sit in on the live event (and five lucky people will also receive a WAR T-shirt).

In related news, the XFire statistics show that WAR continues to hold the #5 spot for time played by its users. The accuracy and sample size of the XFire population can be debated, but to I believe it shows the game is holding it's ground and spiking nicely a few days a week.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016