Perhaps you've left the carnage of battle created by Order and Destruction some time ago, but Mythic wants you back. Starting today they are offering 10 free days to anyone who has left Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning more than 30 days ago to come back and see the changes. New experience buffs to increase leveling and extra quests will assist those brave enough to return and face the challenge. If you haven't checked out the game recently it sounds worthwhile, I mean it's free right?

All across the lands of Order and Destruction, a massive re-enlistment effort has been launched. Answer the Call to Arms and re-join your allies! Starting on March 12th, players whose Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning accounts have been closed for 30 days or more are invited to reactivate their accounts and get 10 free days to discover why WAR is better than ever!

Players who answer the Call to Arms will receive special buffs that will benefit all who party with them. These buffs offer a 10% bonus to all Experience, Renown, and gold gain. Also, new quests have been added to help returning players jump right back into the fray (these quests are also available to existing players!).

Please note that returning players will need to reactivate their accounts and update their billing information when they re-enlist. No purchase is required for the 10 free days, which begins upon reactivation. You may cancel at any time during your free play, after which the normal billing cycle will begin.

For more info about WAR's Call to Arms: Re-enlistment, please see the full Call to Arms: Re-enlistment Program Details.

Source: Warherald

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016