Mythic Entertainment has just completed the deployment of Game Update 1.3.5 for Warhammer Online, bringing a newly revamped city RvR experience to the game. The update also introduced a number of changes to in-game items, a mini-map edge tracker, combat highlighting, and the one thing you can never have too much of, additional inventory space. The new City Siege experience is now 100% RvR-driven with new goals invaders, warlords, and kings.

Kings!: The Final showdown between the Kings and their chosen champions! When the stage begins the Kings will call forth all of their combatants for a final rally to battle.  During this preparation time, the King will explain the situation and call upon four players to serve as his champions in the battle to come.

Combat highlighting is a new feature by which when players are healed or take damage they become highlighted by a color. Receiving a heal will cause a player to briefly flash green, while taking damage will cause a player to flash red.

In just about every MMOG that makes use of PvP mini-games you will almost always have a few players that join a game and go AFK to leech experience or points,leaving their team to do all the work while they just take up space. To try and combat this issue, Mythic has included changes to that will flag idle players as AFK and if within 2 minutes they will receive the "Idle Hands" debuff, which will prevent them from receiving rewards. If they haven't returned after 60 seconds after receiving the debuff they will be ejected from the scenario or contested city.

In addition to the update, Mythic has also enabled server wide Experience and Renown bonuses for the impending war this weekend.

To celebrate the launch of 1.3.5 we will be enabling server wide Experience and Renown bonuses on all North American servers in lieu of a Warfront this weekend. So get out there and enjoy all of the exciting new features that 1.3.5 has to offer!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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