Oh man. We're giving players control of armies now? I can see the flame wars already...

We have a new page up detailing Player Armies in their
full glory. Recently revealed in this month's newsletter; Player Armies
are the forces that players will be allied with during their time in
WAR. From Oathbearers to the Raven Host, these armies cover the Dwarfs,
Empire, Chaos and Greenskin forces.

His warhost is vast, and counted among its numbers are
hundreds of tribes that he has conquered. They are joined by the
supernatural servants of Chaos such as the dreaded Firewyrms and daemons such as the ever-changing Horrors of Tzeentch. Many are the servants of the Champion, but among them all, the Raven Host is exalted. They are the deadliest, most potent and most ruthless of his warriors, fated to stand at the side of their dark master in the hour of his final victory
over the Empire.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016