It had to happen... During my running around at this years E3 I stopped by the Mythic Booth for an interview with their Community Director; Sanya Weathers. Needless to say the interview went well, with my amazing charm winning through (and Messiah's notes to back me up). Here's a peek at the written article:

... Since I enjoy being early to most of my meetings, I came only a scant thirty minutes early to my interview. Because no one was available to take an interview from us, Messiah and I positioned ourselves in one of Mythic’s quaint little meeting rooms where we sat in front of a TV directly connected to one of the demo computers. That’s right, Mythic had a demo of Warhammer Online at its booth, and it had the game fully playable!...

You can read the entire masterpiece TenTonHammer Interview here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016