Weekend Gaming Deals Roundup 6/14/2013

Posted Fri, Jun 14, 2013 by Martuk

Weekend Game Deals

Welcome to another edition of Weekly Gaming Deals Roundup, where we do all the legwork to find you the best digital gaming deals for cheap all around the Internet this weekend. If you’ve followed this article the last few weeks you know the routine, so let’s get started.

Good Old Games

Let’s begin our little trip at GoG this weekend, where you’ll find a selection of classic Nordic Games titles bundled or individually on sale such as games from the Gothic series ($3.99 each), the Spellforce series ($3.99 each), Panzer Elite Special Edition ($3.99), The Book of Unwritten Tales ($7.99), Aquanox ($2.39), Aquanox 2: Revelations ($2.39), Painkiller Black Edition ($3.99), and several others. In total there are 17 games that you can buy at the bundle price of $66.23.

EA Origin has a fair number of deals this weekend.


Over at EA Origin this week we have one of those rare game sales that come with a few select choices that should make some people happy. If you’re looking to brush up on your Battlefield skills before Battlefield 4 releases, you can pick up a copy of Battlefield 3 for just $5 this weekend. Along with Battlefield 3, EA has also added some other discounted options through June 19th with The Sims 3 ($9.99), The Sims 3: University Life ($19.99), The Sims 3: Supernatural ($19.99), Mass Effect 3 ($9.99), Mass Effect Trilogy ($19.99), Crysis 3 ($19.99) or the Digital Deluxe ($39.99), Dead Space 3 ($19.99), Need for Speed Most Wanted ($14.99), Command & Conquer The Ultimate Collection ($9.99), Hitman Absolution ($19.99), Tomb Raider ($24.99), Dead Space 1 & 2 ($6.00 each but available at GameStop Impulse for $4.99), Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition ($12.49), and FIFA Soccer 13 ($13.99 and also cheaper at GameStop Impulse).

Green Man Gaming

Over at Green Man Gaming this weekend is the return of a favorite of mine with The Walking Dead from TellTale Games ($12.49), EVE Online Starter Pack – Amarr Bounty Hunter ($4.99), Civilization V: A New World ($26.99), Dawnstar ($2.50), Police Force ($17.99), City Builder ($20.99), Ace Combat: Assault Horizons ($14.99), and several others. Although it’s not on the game sales page (yet), you can also pick up Saint’s Row: The Third – The Full Package for $12.49.

For an extra dose of savings, try entering the code GMG20-6WUSQ-LBC4U at checkout for another 20% off.


GameFly has a modest offering of games this weekend that will be especially appealing to those of you that don’t get stabbing pain behind your eyes every time you see yet another military shooter. Available this weekend you’ll find Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ($14.99), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ($19.99), Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare ($9.99), Call of Duty: World at War ($9.99), Call of Duty: Black Ops ($19.99), Rising Storm ($19.99), The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief Digital Deluxe Edition ($19.99), and Civilization V: A Brave New World ($26.99 and also cheaper at Green Man with the code).

There's no shortage of shooter games on sale this weekend.

In any case, if you just can’t get enough Call of Duty (for some reason), this is a good way to pad out some of your collection. Be sure to enter the code GFDJUN20 for a bigger discount.

GameStop Impulse

If the EVE starter pack over at Green Man’s isn't doing it for you, try the one over at GameStop: EVE Online Starter Pack – Caldari Explorer ($4.99). Additionally, you’ll also find a number of other titles that include Leviathan: Warships ($4.99), Victoria II: Heart of Darkness ($9.99), many bits and pieces to the Crusader Kings II collection, The Showdown Effect ($4.99) or its Digital Deluxe version ($9.99), SimCity $39.99), FIFA Manager 13 ($4.99), A Game of Dwarves ($4.99), War of the Roses Kingmaker ($9.99), Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour ($4.99), Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Ultimate Digital Collection ($8.99), the Majesty Franchise Bundle ($34.99), Sword  of the Stars Franchise Bundle ($9.99), Dead Space 1 & 2 ($4.99 each), and quite a bit more.

GameStop’s Impulse has roughly 229 offers of games, expansions, bundles, and other DLCs on sale this weekend, so give the full list a peek for yourself.

Humble Bundle

Returning to the Humble Bundle this week we once again find two options. The first is the same from last week with Little Inferno, Awesomenauts w/ exclusive chicken skin, Capsized, Thomas Was Alone, Dear Esther, and all five soundtracks. If you opt to pay more than $5.86, you’ll also get Hotline Miami, Proteus, Tiny and Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers, Intrusion 2, English Country Tune, Oil Rush, and all of those game soundtracks as well.

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