Editorial Look at EA Mythic

MMORPG.com posted an editorial yesterday that looks at what is in store for EA Mythic.

No one will deny that Electronic Arts has a less than stellar reputation in MMO circles. Two of their games - Earth and Beyond and Motor City Online - have died after launch. The Sims Online, an idea that could have broken new ground in the MMO-space is at best a niche product and Origin, the studio that created Ultima Online for them, was eventually dismantled with several projects cancelled. Thus, when they scooped up Mythic Entertainment earlier this year, the deal was met with some understandable skepticism.

To date, it seems like EA may have understood their mistakes. They've set the newly dubbed EA Mythic up as the head of their MMO operations. Both their surviving MMOGs, along with the current and upcoming Mythic games report through a single structure overseen by people who have had great success in this industry. The earliest indications seem to show that perhaps Electronic Arts has learned a lesson.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016