Almost all of the character gameplay preview videos for Blizzard's Overwatch are out, with only two to be released. The latest video gives us a look at the Widowmaker, a high damage sniper perfect for camping those important objectives while supporting her team with headshots.

Widowmaker's kit also includes a handy grappling hook that allows her to traverse the different levels of the map quickly and easily. It can also work as a great escape for Widowmaker, who has little in the way of defensive capabilties. To protect her back and key chokepoints, Widowmaker can deploy a proximity grenage that does splash damage to any that come within it's sensors.

Widowmaker's ultimate ability helps the entire team, by allowing her and her teammates to see enemies through walls for a short period of time. While the ultimate is active, Widowmaker will receive assists for any kills made.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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