It’s never fun to report on layoffs or struggling developers as we so often do. Gas Powered Games, developer of Age of Empires Online and behind the recent Kickstarter for Wildman is also going through a rough time and recently laid off a huge number of its developer staff.

Chris Taylor, who has worked on games such as Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander and founder of Gas Powered Games, announced plans for an action style RPG title known as Wildman earlier this month and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the title. Shortly thereafter, Gas Powered Games suffered a few setbacks due to cancelled projects from publishers and the ceased development of new content for Age of Empires Online, which helped pave the path to the recent layoffs. Now Taylor hopes that he can keep the company going by fully funding Wildman on Kickstarter and bring some of the team back to the studio.

Taylor called on the community in a video last week to help decide whether or not he should continue the Kickstarter following the layoffs. He posted a new follow-up video this week thanking fans for their support over the weekend and decided to keep the Kickstarter going. Thus far he has acquired $301,405 of his $1.1 million funding goal with 24 days remaining.

Visit the Wildman Kickstarter page to learn more and check out the latest updates from Chris Taylor.

Thanks to Tricia for the tip.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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