It's the date the WildStar community has been looking forward to, and there's a good chance that I'm not the only person Carbine surprised this morning when they announced that the transition comes this week. This Wednesday, October 15, all servers will be brought down for a period of 12 to 24 hours beginning at 5am PT. The window needs a lot of leeway because this isn't some simple copy and paste job. There's a lot of finesse required in order to get everything right, meaning that you might be jonesing for a AMP fix for almost a full day. Carbine encourages people to monitor the official forums and other social media channels during the downtime, as these will be the places where the progress of the downtime is updated.

Carbine, in preparation for Megaservers, have released a FAQ for players to look over, so they know what to expect. Two main things are where you're going and what's going on with your name. First up, know that Carbine is transitioning WildStar from many servers to four. There will be two Megaservers each for the EU and NA, with one for PvP and one for PvE. If you're currently on a PvP server, you'll be migrated to your region's new PvP Megaserver. The same will happen for PvE, which will now include Roleplayers. There will be a new Roleplay channel added in to compensate for the lack of a full roleplaying server. Any character under level three that has not been logged into in the past thirty days will be deleted upon migration. If you have a level one or level two character that you really want to hold onto, be sure to log that Chua in before downtime begins on Wednesday! Remember when Carbine was hosting a naming contest for the community? The polls have been tallied. For NA, the PvE Megaserver will be Entity; the PvP Warhound. On the EU side, PvE will be Jabbit, while the PvP will be Luminal.

Names are also really important. Another preparation that Carbine has put together before the transition has been naming guides (Exile here, Dominion here). “Well, I already have my name!” you might say, not understanding why you might need a guide. Here's the thing: after the migration, when you log into a character, you'll have a few naming choices to make. If you don't like calling your Aurin Stalking Fluffystabbybunny, well, now's your chance. You can have a chance to completely change your name. In addition, in order to deal with the possibility of multiple names, all characters now have surnames. Both of the naming guides address both sides to the name, so if you need help figuring out what to call your Chua Medic, you'll have some assistance. Or, you can be like me and name your characters the same thing in every game, which includes already having surnames picked out for them.

If you need some extra incentive for taking the day off from the Nexus, Carbine has a couple of presents in store for you:

This is not standard maintenance, so in appreciation for your patience while we make this transition, we are giving a month’s worth of Boom-Boxes (One per day for 30 days) and a free day of game time to all our players, with the additional time to be credited to accounts by no later than the end of October.

Guilds, Carbine didn't forget about you guys, either. It's completely possible that your guild could have the same name as another guild. If your guild doesn't have a unique name, Carbine will let the oldest guild with that name retain it, while any younger guilds with the same name will be able to rename themselves. Guild leaders logging in for the first time after the transition will be prompted to rename their guilds – be sure to have an action plan for your guild before Wednesday! Or, use the downtime to come up with something since <Generic Guild Name> will be replaced upon login. If your guild didn't plan ahead, or if you didn't think that <Generic Guild Name> would be a dupe already taken by an older guild, your guild leader can select “Remind Me Later” which will give the guild a temporary name, but next time that person logs in, the prompt to rename the guild will come back. Carbine does remind everyone that there are rules for naming guilds.

Are you ready for WildStar Megaservers?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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