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It’s been a busy few days for WildStar with PAX East having come and gone. Now that the dust has settled and with the WildStar Beta weekend upon us, it’s a good opportunity to round up all the latest news and goings-on from the WildStar community.

First up and because it’s the Easter weekend approaching there’s a bazillion fan sites and partners giving away WildStar keys. You can find a full list of them here but be aware some might have run out. As of this morning, we still had some available.

If you aren’t sure what time the Beta weekend kicks off in your time zone, look no further than this post provided by Defora over on Reddit.

As far as recent forum activity goes, there’s a couple of juicy pieces of information floating around. First up is the response by Baryonyx regarding costumes. Alongside the new UI it sounds as though there’s going to be a lot more functionality to the system while we’ll have better control over the dye system:

This new UI will allow you to do some things that are not possible in the March beta:

  1. You will be able to see the number of dyeable areas on a piece of gear equipped into a costume or main inventory slot. Each item can have up to 3 dyeable areas, but there are quite a few with only 1 or 2 areas. There are even some with none. This information is not available in the March beta, meaning that you are unable to make informed decisions about the dyes you're trying to apply.

  2. You will be able to selectively dye on a per area basis per item more easily. The dye controls in the previous betas have not been as clearly laid out as they will be going forward.

  3. When an item is equipped into a costume slot, it is dyeable. Gone are the days where you cannot dye gear because you have a costume equipped, or can only dye a costume piece if you equip it in your main slots.

Next on the list is a post by Caydiem who addresses the topic “Why was the RPG taken out of MMORPG?”. It’s a difficult question to answer as storytelling in books is such a different medium to delivering a story in a massively multiplayer game. I think Caydiem provides some words of wisdom:

I understand the desire to get as much lore as possible, and we want to bring it to you in a variety of ways. For now, check out the conversations in hubs. Look at what intelligent creatures say when you start fighting and killing them. Don't hesitate to click those more info buttons when they show up on quests. Check out the summaries of quests both when they're active and once you've finished 'em. You've recognized that we've got journals and datacubes out there in spades, but there's more. And heck, Scientists get access to even more contextual lore!

You can also find Caydiem’s follow up post here.

Paths are a bone of contention for some and that’s primarily because some are more fun than others and they aren’t perhaps as central to your play as players originally envisaged. Locorotas has explained some improvements coming to the Soldier path:

Thanks guys for the feedback. We have been listening and sadly it is a bit late to do an entire overhaul designing soldier. I can say safely that we are making changes and adding things here and there so that the Path's itself will mean more in the long run.

Hopefully you all will enjoy some of the changes. Also keep in mind that each path caters to a different player type and were never meant to be equal. Each Path has its strength and weakness. SWAT for example are only given to soldiers and allows them to kill specific content mobs much faster than any other path (not including quest weapons).

As far as interesting community topics go, having a Cigar for Granok is definitely a winner but what caught my eye was a discussion on Crowd Control over on the official forums. There is a lot of CC in WildStar but there is also fair amount of methods to break out of it. Stun-locking someone to death is never a good thing and while I do think Interrupt Armor is a little too common, I never want to return to the days where you couldn’t move for minutes at a time.

What about PAX East I hear you ask? If you missed anything, I’d recommend you check out Hidden Arena’s DEV Highlights. Its got a link to the full dev panel, world stories and some screen grabs of the awesome elder game armor. You can view a high resolution version of the WildStar Warplot Flick here.

Lastly, there’s a WildStar community get together next week in London, on April 25th. You can find full details here. Stephan Frost and Mark Hulmes will be going as well as myself and various other people - definitely worth attending for some drinks and WildStar chat.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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