WildStar is still bubbling with news every week and as usual, this edition of WildStar Newsround should bring you right up to speed in regards to what has been happening in the community.

First up is another update to Defile, the next big patch. It doesn’t cover a huge amount but there’s some interesting nuggets of information. The notes state:

Lowered K factors used to determine how much rating players will lose or gain for PvP matches.

Although the patch notes don’t detail what K factors are, I can only hope it translates to players losing less rating than they’re capable of winning. As it currently stands, a single win can net you anything from 2 to 25 Rating while a single loss is can wipe out more than 40 rating. It’s incredibly harsh and it can see you spiral down the ratings in a matter of minutes with back to back wins. In contrast, it can take you hours to climb back up.

Next on my list is a brilliant post called The One Bag. It’s over on WildStar’s Reddit and simply provides you with a list of all the bags available in WildStar and how to get them. If you’re struggling for bag space and/or want to locate the best bags in the game, you really should look no further. You’ll be up to your eyeballs in 16 slot bags in no time.

Still with Reddit, there’s a thread going at the moment discussing the fact that one server (Mikros) only has 14 people on it. Now I’m not entirely sure how accurate this player tracking Addon’s are, but the probability of only 14 people being online at any one time has to be near impossible. Either way, the thread is well worth a look just for the discussion on server merges and populations.

There’s also another excellent thread here discussing server merges. It lists all the threads and examples of complaints regarding server capacities and populations.

Brand new from Gazimoff over on MMORPG is a video discussing the new update that he recorded from Gamescom. It covers the new Defile areas as well as the addition of the Protostar Games and the new Icebox Arena. If nothing else, Gaz has an awesome voice for narration.  

When it comes to the update, there’s a Too Long, Didn’t Read from the last Nexus Talk. There’s quite a lot of the usual “We’ll look into it” or “It’s something we’ve thought about.” but there are, thankfully, some good pieces of information.

There’s a lot of ice and buckets floating around the internet at the moment, all in support of ALS, a neurodegenerative disease. Stephan Frost of Carbine has taken up the challenge - it’s pretty awesome and as usual, hilarious.  

On the subject of PvP (I always like to talk about it) there’s an interesting discussion on the state of the Esper and “Nerfing” them. Personally I think Espers are in a good place at the moment with the exception that Telekinetic Storm is bat-shit insane. The ability to infinitely stack a 5 Point Psi finisher that can’t be removed and which is so incredibly easy to aim is incredibly frustrating. Not only does it stop you stealthing and forces you to walk slowly, but an Esper is capable of generating Psi Points so quickly with their innate and Bolster that having over 4 Telekinetic Storms on you at once is a very real possibility. Considering most of the Damage Over Time skills in the game can be dispelled (including the new Medic Fields) there just needs to be a consistency here. Going into a Battleground with 10 stacks of Telekinetic Storm isn’t particularly fun.

Lastly for this weeks WildStar Newsround, there’s an awesome little thread here discussing unknown and much loved Addons. I’m a big supporter of Addons and WildStar and this small list are some really nice quality of life improvements. Although minor, they’ve made playing just that little bit simpler.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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