With the new WildStar update right around the corner (“Sabotage!”) there’s a lot of interest stemming from the patch notes on the test server as well as some of the changes that it brings. The main cause for celebration is the fact that the Esper is now much more mobile. Telekinetic Strike can be used while moving and so can the innate ability. If that wasn’t good enough, changes to Concentrated Blade and Psychic Frenzy should hopefully transform the class. Having had a play around with Telekinetic Strike on the test server it’s a quality of life change that I and many others have asked for since closed Beta and with it finally here, it makes me wonder why it wasn’t implemented in this way from day one. There’s still some people complaining about the change on the forums (who wants to stand still in a mobile game?) but thankfully the majority are loving the new mobile Esper. You can find the original July Update for the Esper here.

With buffs often comes nerfs and unsurprisingly, the Warrior and Spellslinger have been hit pretty hard. When it comes to the Warrior, Rampage has had its utility nerfed and now only affects 3 targets instead of 5. As you can imagine most of the Warrior community is up in arms about it. From a PvE standpoint I can understand it being an annoyance because it reduces your damage potential significantly. However, Rampage still hits like a truck and you’ll still be able to cleave a large quantity of enemies. The same has been done to to the Spellslinger with Quick Draw now only affecting 3 targets.

Both classes are without question WildStars most popular and although the Engineer seems to have avoided many nerfs (if any) I think it’ll be next in the firing line.

On the subject of balance there’s a new thread regarding the changes to PvP Offense and PvP Defense. It’s pretty heavy reading in all honesty and I think much of the discussion will go over most players heads. However, it does shed light on the fact that both PvP Offense and Defense are critical in PvP. If you haven’t got it against someone that has, you’re going to hit them like a wet noodle. The thread is well worth a read.

I still regularly visit the WildStar sub-reddit but I must admit the quality of its content has gone down hill in recent weeks. That isn’t necessarily unsurprising considering WildStar’s popularity, but it does make visiting it a bit of a headache. Content at the moment seems to revolve around players showing off their houses, complaining about balance or that they’ve been banned. There’s a good discussion on it here.

Still with the WildStar sub-reddit, there’s a great little thread here that talks about what WildStar has taught us. The authors list is actually rather funny but also entirely accurate for my own thoughts. Head on over to the thread to join in the conversation.

If you’ve missed the Tweet, there’s a Developer and Press event tonight on the new Battleground map. Players are invited to take part against them and we here at Ten Ton Hammer are also joining in on the fun.

There’s news from Carbine that an equipment manager for WildStar might finally be around the corner. Dipping into Reddit a few days ago, BokehBot confirmed that it’s happening. Thank the lord!

Would a massively multiplayer launch ever be complete without early requests for server mergers? WildStar is no exception and there’s a huge thread on the official forums about it. I think part of the problem is the fact that areas in the game feel empty at times because of the over abundance of instancing. If this was reduced and players knew what instance they were in, I think the feeling of being on an empty server would be removed. Certainly on Hazak (EU) it’s busy all the time.

Lastly and because I love a good class discussion, there’s a thread over on the official forums that caught my eye. It’s about the Engineer and how they’re ridiculously powerful at the moment. The original thread starter might be trolling, but I do actually think there’s truth in it. A well skilled Engineer is impossible to catch, can hit like a truck with Bolt Caster and has huge amounts of defense due to their high armor rating. Let me know what you think of the thread.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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